College of Design

Emily Seifert

BS Apparel Design Student, Class of 2018
Hometown: Mora, Minnesota


I joined the Design Student and Alumni Board because I want to be a voice for my fellow students. I look forward to assisting in DSAB events and developing opportunities that enhance our education.


Instagram: walen009

Cassandra Willms

BS 2004, Apparel Design
Senior Designer, Target


John Cook

B.Arch 1983, Architecture
Vice President, HGA Architects and Engineers


I applied to be a member of the DSAB because I believe that a student’s training to become an architect should include a deep understanding of the profession from the perspective of a practicing architect.


Leilen Farias

Pre-Architecture Student, Class of 2018
Hometown: Rosario, Argentina


I decided to join DSAB to become a more active member not only in the College of Design, but also in the Architecture field. I am eager to contribute and learn from the many opportunities that the board offers to their members, while enhancing a working environment in which design students and alumni can be involved and interact.


Instagram: leilenfarias

Rachel Kelly

BFA Graphic Design Student, Class of 2016
Hometown: Champlin, Minnesota


I joined the board because I am passionate about helping my fellow classmates in their college to career transition, and because I am excited to have the opportunity to help enhance the programs and opportunities that DSAB provides.



Rishi Murugesan

BFA Graphic Design / Product Design Minor Student, Class of 2017
Hometown: Madurai, India


I joined the DSAB to help the design students connect more with each other and their chosen fields. My secondary goal is to help students have friends and connections in other design majors. This would help us increase innovation and community throughout the college. Overall, I'm excited to help the College of Design become better with useful programs and events.



David Eide

Urban Studies Student | Housing Studies Minor, Class of 2017
Hometown: Fargo, North Dakota

Lauri Brachmann

BS Interior Design Student, Class of 2018
Hometown: Blaine, Minnesota


I joined the Design Student Alumni Board to increase my involvement in the College of Design and the University of Minnesota.  I feel I bring a unique perspective to the board as a non-traditional student returning to pursue a second career after spending 20 years in commercial real estate administration.  I look forward to networking with fellow students, alumni, and staff from the College of Design.



Theresa Hunt

MLA Student, Landscape Architecture, Class of 2017
Hometown: Chippewa Falls, WI


Creating connections with other designers is an integral part of all professional design fields and DSAB is a splendid way to start making these connections. DSAB provides me with the opportunity to plan events and activities to help foster these connections between students and professionals, helping to prepare students for the next steps after graduation.



Danielle Jurichko

BED Landscape Design and Planning / BA Spanish Studies Student, Class of 2017
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota


As a DSAB member, my aspirations include creating opportunities to connect current and former design students, facilitating the transition process to professional fields, as well as strengthening the community of the College of Design here at the University. I hope to gain insight and perspective in the landscape architecture field while learning from my fellow board members and design students.


Eric Maass

BED 2011, MLA 2013, Landscape Architecture
Municipal Planner, WSB & Associates


A network is not something that is built over night, or by accident.  It is my belief that one of the most important attributes a student or professional can have is a strong network.  As a member of the DSAB it is my goal to create opportunities for Design students to connect again and again with professionals within their respective majors, and other majors within the College of Design.



Ellen Stewart

MLA 2002, Landscape Architecture
Landscape Architect, City of Saint Paul


Sarah Divine

BS Retail Merchandising Student, Management Minor, Class of 2016
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona


I joined DSAB to explore the many exciting opportunities available to College of Design students and alumni. I want to help facilitate the transition from student to alumni for myself and other students. I am excited to make worthwhile connections and help people find career opportunities that make them happy.



Erika O’Brien

BS Retail Merchandising 2012
Product Development Analyst, Three Sixty Sales, Inc.


I joined DSAB to serve as a mentor and resource for students.  College to career can be a tricky and intimidating transition.  As a passionate professional in the retail, I look forward to working with students as they channel their energy and eagerness to learn into the field.

Maureen Kostial

College of Design
Apparel Design, class of 1971


As a member of the College of Design Student and Alumni Board, I would like to share my manufacturing/design expertise with future professionals enabling and encouraging a smooth transition from college to career. I also look forward to participating in a vibrant, active community of students, faculty, and alumni.


Ashley Ochiagha

B.S Interior Design, Class of 2014
Brooklyn Park, MN


I joined DSAB because I love event planning and collaborating with the disciplines represented in the College of Design. I have worked with the college for number of years and I am exciting to take on a new role and challenge.

Samantha Klapperick

B.S. Interior Design, Class of 2015
Albert Lea, MN


I joined the Design Student Alumni board so I could be more involved with the College of Design. I am excited for the networking I get to be a part of not only with the professionals on the board but with the students across the college. I find it very important for all the majors to work as a team, as well as personally gain experience on such a team. I look forward to helping create meaningful experiences for the students in the College of Design through my involvement as a member of DSAB.


Raymond Dehn

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture 1993
Master of Architecture 1996


I joined the DSAB to be active in working with students and other professionals to address that often difficult transition from education to practice.


Ariane Laxo

B.S. Interior Design/B.A. Music
Interior Designer, HGA Architects & Engineers


As a member of the DSAB, I look forward to creating learning opportunities for students that extend beyond the classroom. In addition to helping students develop knowledge and skills relevant to interior design, I hope to work with the other majors represented on the board to create interdisciplinary learning experiences. We all work together collaboratively in the real world – let’s create a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment within the College of Design.


Rachel Letsche

B.S. Retail Merchandising, Class of 2016
Woodbury, MN


I joined DSAB to further my involvement and expand my connections within the College of Design. I think that the board provides great opportunities for students as they look to explore their future and make the transition from college to career. I hope to enhance these opportunities for the students and strengthen the College of Design community as a whole.


Katrina Matejcik

B.D.A. Architecture, class of 2015
Rapid City, SD


Since going to the University of Minnesota, I've found the DSAB events helpful for understanding the possibilities of where a design degree can take you after graduation. I joined the board to become more active in the formation of these events and to create opportunities for design students and alumni to interact.


Beth Bowman

Housing Studies Graduate Certificate, 2008


I joined DSAB because I had an extremely positive experience while taking classwork for my Housing Studies graduate degree. I also am very excited and support the new multidisciplinary approach the College of Design is taking towards the disciplines of housing, architecture, fashion design, landscape design, etc. I feel that this is a very forward thinking, progressive ethos that I want to be a part of!


Francis Bulbulian, FAIA

B.Arch, 1967
Vice President, PDI Design Group


I am interested in a two-way discussion with the students where they learn what I know and I learn what they know. I plan to inquire as what they plan to achieve in their selected profession and how to best achieve it. I hope to be a sounding board for the students to ask questions about what is happening in the profession and how to prepare to enter the profession. And finally, how to get the best out of their years in the School of Architecture (College of Design).


Lee Tran

Apparel Design Major, Retail Merchandising and Design Minor, Class of Spring 2016
Sioux City, IA / Sioux Falls, SD


I joined the Design Student and Alumni Board to be able to take my experience in the program and the feedback I have from my classmates to be able to create events and programming that will be beneficial to my fellow students. I'm excited to be able to meet and network with people in various design fields, and hopefully learn some things on the way.


Sam Isomura

B.S. Retail Merchandising, 2010
Product Development Manager, Made for Retail


I believe that the transition from college to career is an extremely important time. I want to help students surround themselves with resources, peers & mentors that nurture creativity and opportunity. I am eager to help students connect their passions with their careers.


Jesse Campos

Master of Architecture Major, Class of 2016
Orange County, CA


I joined DSAB to help students and professionals bridge the gap between academia and practice. It’s my privilege to share nearly 18 years of professional experience in architecture before returning to school, and hopefully I can bring both perspectives to the board.


Frank Fitzgerald

MLA, 2001
Cuningham Group Architecture, Inc.
Title: Landscape Architect


Professionally, I am where I am today because of conscious effort and a lot of chance. I hope that by serving on the DSAB I can further opportunities for students and professionals to connect, helping to make some of that “chance” fall into place for CDES students.


Kelly Grissman

BED 2003, MLA 2005, MURP 2005
Three Rivers Park District
Director of Planning


As a DSAB member, I'm excited to help strengthen the relationship and transition between academia and the design professions. I believe DSAB is a strong position to introduce student to opportunities which foster networking, creative networking, self-reflection and a more holistic approach to design - including a greater understanding and appreciation of the greater design community and professionals.


Janice Linster

BS '83, Interior Design
Founder, Studio Hive


Janice is a a former alumni president of the Design Alumni Society and Design Student and Alumni Board. She currently serves as the Collegiate Council Director and represents the College of Design on the University of Minnesota Alumni Association National Board of Directors.

Favorite U of M Memory: "The collaborative design studio class I took in my last year."


Amy Lesicka

Retail Merchandising, class of 2002
Airtex Design Group, Senior Account Manager


I decided to join DSAB because I very much enjoyed my time at the University of Minnesota. I appreciate the opportunity to work with other alumni and students on programs and projects that will help educate others about the field of Retail Merchandising. The transition from college to career is an important one and something I am deeply interested in making as smooth as possible. The events and programs that the DSAB puts together help achieve this and it was certainly something to which I wanted to contribute.


Drew Covi

B.S. Graphic Design, 2005
Senior Interaction Designer, Honeywell User Experience (HUE)


Drew joins the board to explore how graphic and experience design are changing the digital landscape from mobile apps to corporate and industrial platforms. He also hopes to explore the values and potential of "designing in code" in Interactive Design courses. After nearly a decade in digital marketing, Drew now works with Honeywell's User Experience group (known as HUE). With this small team, he works to help put user experience first, as a guide to both real world devices and digital interfaces.


Lori Mollberg

Director of Alumni Relations
College of Design


Lucy Reile

College to Career Coordinator
Student Services


Ben Persson

B.F.A. Graphic Design, Class of 2015
Bloomington, MN


I'm excited to be on the Design Student and Alumni Board to help create easy, fun ways to get the College of Design to bond together as a whole, to give everyone in the college a glimpse into what the other programs are working on, and to find inspiration through the different fields. I hope to successfully create ways for students to build strong relationships with the students that have graduated before them, and get a taste of what the post-college real world might be like.


Betsy Vohs

Master of Architecture, 2004


As a Board member I am eager to help support and grow the student experience by creating opportunities for cross-disciplinary work. Transformative design solutions require collaboration. Creating opportunities to develop cross-disciplinary work within the College of Design excites me. I look forward to this opportunity to give back to the College of Design.


Christina Berglund

Graphic Design, BFA, May 2012


I joined DSAB to support the programs that helped me succeed as a student at the College of Design.


Megan Shircel

Graphic Design major, Spring 2015
Sheboygan, WI


I joined DSAB simply to become more involved within the College of Design and greater design community. I hope to enrich the experiences of my peers through the opportunities and professional connections the board creates. I look forward to reaching out to fellow students and to further develop those connections that emerge.


Joél Valdez

Graphic Design BFA, Product Design Minor, Retail Merchandising Minor
Janesville, Wisconsin


I joined because I really like that the board provides great opportunities for all students. Their events are experiences students can use to enrich their design awareness. To help make these opportunities happen is really exciting for me.


Katie O'Neil

Housing Studies, 2009


I joined DSAB because I want to get more involved with the College of Design. I am passionate about design and I look forward to networking with others who feel the same. I am excited to plan creative and inspiring events to further the education of alumni and students.


Dana Kitchen

Housing Studies, 2004


I'm looking to build a stronger bond with the University. Through work with the DSAB, I'd like to assist in diversification of teaching techniques and exploring ways to prepare students for the realities of the working world through my experiences.


Lucy T. Penfield

Design Principal, Lucy Interior Design | Master of Liberal Studies 2014


Passionate about Interior Design and all things visual, my involvement with DSAB is a perfect opportunity to continue the rich design dialogue with students and professionals. As a professional, I enjoy partnering with the College of Design Internship and Mentorship Programs. The relationships with our students continue to be rewarding.Excited about the synergy between disciplines, I hope DSAB will practice Design Thinking to maintain and further enhance the College of Design as a leader in the 21st Century.


Grace Larson

MLA, 2015
St. Paul, MN


Landscape architecture is a close-knit field that is constantly evolving, which makes it very important for students and professionals to maintain a strong relationship. DSAB gives me the opportunity to plan events and activities that help foster these relationships, so students and professionals can connect and continue to learn from each other.


Sarah Kendzior

Retail Merchandising - Spring 2015
Mukwonago, WI


I joined DSAB because I strongly believe that taking a college degree and turning it into a full-time career is one of the most important stages in an individual’s life. I am extremely interested in making the college to career transition as exciting as possible by providing other students with meaningful career-related opportunities and connections.



We accept applications for open seats on the board year round. Applications for terms beginning in the fall are due by or before March 31 annually. To learn more, review the application below or contact Lori Mollberg, Director of Alumni Relations, or 612-625-8796. Students can also contact Lucy Reile, College to Career Coordinator, 612-624-1245. Contact Lori or Lucy for information about open seats for this coming fall.

Founded in 2006, the Design Student and Alumni Board (DSAB) represents the Design Alumni Society and the Design Student Board. These groups meet and work together as one board, creating programs and opportunities that support the transition from college to career, and connect alumni, students and other professionals in the process.


Sponsorship, Alumni Association membership, and student fees support DSAB programs


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